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Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood. It is a chronic lung disease characterized by a decreased ability to breathe easily and mainly arises from allergies. Asthma is a condition where the airways become irritated and inflamed. As a result, the airways become narrower and produce extra mucus. Asthma can be either acute or chronic. Children with asthma typically cough with sputum and some time fever, wheeze, and experience chest tightness and shortness of breath. Common Causes of Asthma are Respiratory infections, Allergy to pollen, Air pollution, Non-specific hyperirritability, Dust mites, Sulfites in food and certain medications. Triggering Factors of Asthma are or stimuli like those listed below:
  • Irritants - dust, cigarette smoke, fumes and chemicals
  • Allergies - to pollen, grass, medicines, animals, house dust mite, fungus or certain foods
  • Infections - colds and flu
  • Exercise - especially in cold, dry air
  • Emotions - stress, laughing or crying very hard
  • Weather
Although there are many medical ways to help asthma sufferers breathe easier, experts recommend combining certain natural home remedies with prescription anti-inflammatory and bronchodilators. Here are some natural home remedies for asthma.


  1. Lemon juice drunk with water also has a positive effect on asthma. Mix 1 tablespoon of water and 2 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and give to the child twice a day.
  2. Honey is one of the most effective remedies used for Asthma. Inhaling the smell of honey is also said to be similarly beneficial. During bouts of Asthma, just holding a jug of honey beneath the nose and inhaling the air in contact with honey helps in easier breathing and provides temporary relief from Asthma.
  3. Add 1 tsp of honey in very hot water and sip slowly. Take this just before sleeping to remove phlegm from the throat.
  4. Make paste of Black resin, Dates, Long pepper (Pippli) and honey, in equal quantity. Take one teaspoonful of it morning and evening along with warm milk. It acts as a good lung tonic by thinning out the accumulated mucus and eliminating it from the respiratory system.
  5. Garlic juice is very effective to cure asthma.  Mix 10 - 15 drops of garlic juice in warm water and take internally.
  6. Mix 1 teaspoon honey with 1 teaspoon of Indian bay leaf (Teiz ptta) powder and gives it to your child before going to bed at night. This will help you in preventing the attack of asthma at night.
  7. Boil 5-6 Cloves (Laung) in half a glass of water with a spoon full of honey. It serves as an excellent decoction against asthma; if taken twice a day.
  8. One of the most effective natural home remedies includes a decoction. A mixture of tea spoon full measures of raw honey, ginger powder (Sonth) and ground black pepper decoction.
  9. Soak Dried grapes in water and then in cold milk and eat on an empty stomach Consumption of grapes serves to strengthen lungs and flush the toxic contents of human body.
  10. Dried figs also serve to flush out the phlegm content of the respiratory tract. Wash 3-4 dry figs with water. Soak in 1 cup of water overnight. Eat these on an empty stomach and drink the water that the figs were soaked in also. Do not eat anything else for an hour at least. Do this for 2 months.
  11. Add I tsp honey and 1 tsp olive oil to warm milk. The consumption of the resulting milk along with 2-3 cloves of garlic before breakfast acts as an antidote to asthmatic attacks.
  12. Boil 2 tbsp of fenugreek seeds in 1 litre of water let it simmer for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid adds 2 tsp of ginger juice and 1 tsp of honey. Mix well drink 1 glass of the mixture every morning. It serves to decongest and detoxify the lungs.
  13. Regular consumption of Fennel seeds also good for draining phlegm.
  14. Consuming mixture of 2 tsp/5 gm of Indian Gooseberry powder or fresh with 1 tsp of honey acts as an expectorant, and serves as a natural remedial medicine for Asthma.
  15. Turmeric and honey taken separately early in the morning keeps you away from the painful bouts of asthmatic attacks.
  16. Taken ¼ tsp powdered Turmeric and Honey added to milk keeps you away from the painful bouts of asthmatic attacks if consumed daily on empty stomach. 
  17. Consuming mix 1 tsp dried and powdered seeds of safflower and 1 tsp act as a natural expectorant and also very useful in curbing bronchial asthma.
  18. Consuming just before sleeping 1 tsp honey with ¼ tsp cinnamon powder acts as an effective means to control asthma.
  19. In the initial stages, garlic mixed in milk works as a tonic against asthma. Boil 8-10 cloves of garlic in ½ cup of milk and have at night.
  20. Mix ¼ tsp Ginger powder (Sonth) with a cup of Cow’s warm milk takes once a day. It is an effective natural medicine and good for early stages of asthma.
  21. Bishop’s weed (Ajwain Khrasani) is another means to cure asthma. ¼ tsp should be taken twice with buttermilk.
  22. Steep ½ tsp. chamomile flowers, ½ tsp. echinacea root, ½ tsp. mullein leaves ½ tsp. passionflower leaves in 2 cups of boiling water for 5-7 minutes. Take once a day in order to counter asthmatic attacks.
  23. Mix same quantities of pomegranate juice, ginger juice, and honey. Give your child one tablespoon of this mixture two or three times a day.
  24. When having an asthma attack, massaging with Mullein oil will help clear the respiratory passages and restore normal breathing.
  25. During Asthmatic attacks, warm mustard oil with a bit of crushed camphor should be massaged on the victim's back and chest to make way for ease in breathing.
  26. In case one finds himself in the grip of an attack massaging sesame oil with camphor over the chest will loosen the mucus and help easy breathing.
  27. Eucalyptus oil is used to fight respiratory congestion; research indicates that it has a chemical called eucalyptol which can help break up mucus. Put two to three drops of eucalyptus oil in a pot of boiling water and breathe in the steam. Try to take deep breaths for faster results.
  28. Drinking coffee Black tea and Soft drinks with caffeine (colas) dilates the bronchial airways and helps to control asthma attacks
  29. Milk processed with palm sugar and fresh ginger is an excellent natural remedy to prevent the bouts of asthmatic attacks.
  30. Dried pomegranates seeds and raisins boiled in milk also serve to be an effective remedial measure.

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